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About us your "boutique"estate agency:

Boutique because it is exclusive: We count with a high qualified and professional team. 

Boutique because of its size: We are a solid and highly motivated family. 

The advice and our team are the key for the fresh approach.

Enjoy the experience of our services through our corporate video .

Our strength?  Our team. team Daniel Arenas Gloria Rodriguez Patrick Hansmeier Kristin Hillmann

Photo: Patrick Hansmeier, Gloria Rodriguez MartinDaniel Arenas Oe, Kristin Hillmann. 

We are passionate about the island, with extensive knowledge of the local customs and culture but with an international view. We are the perfect connection between the local- and the international marketRead more about our Managing partners.

What makes us different? Our advice.

More than 10 years of experience in the residential market in Mallorca for international clients. First residences or holiday homes and investors. 

Get to know more about our 10 years: Looking back whilst looking forward.Click here. 

Thanks to our large network of professionals contacts (Architects, builders, project managers and interior designers) in the building industry we can guarante the maximum pre and post sales service to our clients. 

Plots and properties with need of renovation are our differentiating factor.  
Co-working is our key to gain credibility.

Architects, builders, project managers and interior designers work side by side with our team with the aim to take the maximum profit of the properties in the island that we select for our clients. 

Read the  interview to Miguel Arenas (Architect). exclusive partner at the Private Jets Terminal. MallorcaSite Lounge at Mallorcair.  
For more info   click here. 

Enjoy the corporate Lounge  opening party video at the private jets terminal!

Enjoy the 10th anniversary party video. To get more info about the party  click here. 

Enjoy the process of investing in the Pearl of the Mediterranean: Mallorca. 
Contact us and let us advice you with confidence.  A Fresh approach to Real Estate. 


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Interview for A place in the sun show, 2015 Managing Partners Carol Bramley, Bolton, England Fair Media Sweden en abc-mallorca best addresses mallorca 2016 Market Report 2014 Lopez-Schnecker, Frankfurt, Germany Inauguration of our headquarters Lounge in Mallorcair, the private jets terminal Corporate Video Eva Juhlin-Dannfelt, Stockholm, Sweden Are you thinking on selling your property?
Head Office 10th Anniversary of Sponsors FTIB Merry Xmas 2014
10 years consulting: Looking back whilst looking forward Miguel Arenas Architect Client testimonials