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Apartments in Costa de la Calma

Relax & Enjoy the sunset Costa de la Calma, located between Santa Ponsa and Paguera, on the southwest coast of Mallorca.

A quiet and green residential area with a fantastic coastline and a mix of small to medium sized villas and apartments. The popu- lar El Chiringuito Beach Club, which offers cool drinks as well as live music in the evenings, is well know in Mallorca for enjoying an unforgettable sunset that makes your day. The residential area of Costa de la Calma is particularly interesting for house buyers and investors who want to get good value for money. The market offers a mix of pro- perties that need reform and are therefore offered at good prices. Moreover, especially the complex Valle dorado is a must see for water sports enthu- siasts and families due to its location frontline to the sea and the spacious villas that are set around a communal pool. These villas with 175-250 sqm of living space, offer plenty of comfort, privacy, ocean views, and direct beach access. Thanks to the well kept community the complex offers a full service with gardeners, pool maintenance and property management. A Mediterranean jewel frontline to the sea. The ideal property for families and permanent residents seeking an ample but easy to maintain house at the sea.