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Carol Bramley, Bolton, England

They were very patient with me!

I was going to move abroad and always thought it would be to The Algarve, Portugal.  But my Brother had to choose a place where his Son would be able to go to an International school and they played golf , so chose Mallorca.

I wanted a place which wasn’t a long plane journey, so my Son could visit if he didn’t move here. So I spent time in Mallorca seeing what was on offer there and loved the feel of the place as well as the diversity of things you could find to do

Beaches, Mountains, lovely towns and Spanish villages and also in winter you have Palma with lots of things to do and see. There is the Theatre, Ballets and other entertainment to see.  So I chose Mallorca and my Son moved here with me.

I have lived in Mallorca for nearly 3 years and love my life

I have joined a gym which is 10 minutes away and I go to a Dance group where we learn Latin and Ballroom, I really enjoy it and have a good social life.  I have a dog which I go off to different places to walk and explore what there is here.  I feel very safe here walking in places I don’t know.  I have had Spanish lessons since I moved here and so can talk to people and go on with my everyday life and the Spanish help you more if they know you live here and are learning their language.

My Son was lucky and found all year round work, gardening and then for a Building Company.  He loves his life and made friends easily so he was very happy.
I love my life here I feel happier and healthier.  I can always find something to do, no matter what the weather is like.    
People ask me (my friends in England) if I will move from here and I can honestly say I never think about it.

I was given the name of Mallorca Site by my Brother as he had used Daniel and Gloria to help him find his house.  So for a couple of years  they showed me lots of different houses/apartments in many areas in the South West and centre of the island.  I then could make the decision of where and what I wanted.  I found a house I liked, but it needed a lot of work doing to it.  Gloria introduced me to builders and other workmen who would be able to give me ideas of how much things would cost.  That house feel through.  

They were very patient with me!  I chose the area of Santa Ponca and found a lovely home which I love in. Gloria helped me organise everything I needed to do to buy the house.  Also get work done before I moved over so when I arrived I could move straight in.  

I chose Santa Ponça because it has a lovely beach, good everyday shops and quite a good English community  which makes life easier. It is quiet in winter but that does not bother me, it means I get to walk the dog on the beach!

 found Mallorca had many different types of properties.  It was hard to choose where and what I wanted, so viewing so many places and types really helped.  The price ranges are varying too, so you should be able to find something to suit. 

I would never have been able to get 
my life off to such an easy start if Daniel and Gloria hadn’t helped me, in fact they still do sometimes.