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What are COOKIES?

A cookie is a file created by an Internet site to store information on your computer, such as your preferences when visiting that site. When you visit a site that uses cookies, the website can ask your browser to place one or more cookies on your hard drive.

Cookies facilitates tasks such are: 
  • Remind information given by the user, so that the user does not require to introduce it again.
  • Measure site usage, so that the information supplier can adjust the information to the needs of users.

MallorcaSite  website only uses cookies to improve the functioning of the website and to identify users in the users area. 
In any case, if you want to store, remember that you can disable the recording of cookies on your computer by changing the settings of your browser.


MallorcaSite website uses cookies for the following reasons::
  • Remember preferences of currency, area measurement,  or language.
  • Remember favorites saved properties. .
  • Remember the authenticated user session. 
  • Measuring use of the website (Google Analytics). 
  • Cookies associated with video services (YouTube cookies).

Listed below why each use, and the default duration of each cookie:

Name Type Expiration date Use
PHPSESSID own         Cookie  with the session Store the session ID of the web server, which stores user preferences such as currency, the unitary system or selected language.
favs own         Cookie 15 days Stores the identifiers of the listings that are marked as favorites, if the user is not registered.
__wauthtoken own Cookie 7 days Stores the ID of the authenticated user session
__wauthtoken_r own Cookie 7 days Indicates whether to remember the user session
cookies_accepted own Cookie unlimited Indicates if the user accepted the use of cookies on this site, not to re-display the information bar.
_umta Third party cookie  2 years This cookie generates a unique user ID, which is used to count how many times a user visits the site. Was also recorded when the first and last visit to the web. It is a persistent cookie that can take over two years to expire.
_umtb y _umtc Third party cookie  with the session These cookies are used to calculate when a session has ended. The _utmb records the time of arrival at the site while the _utmc check whether to keep the session open or to create a new session.
_umtz Third party cookie  6 months This cookie is in charge of keeping the traffic source or campaign through which the user reached our page. It has a shelf life of six months, but is renewed each time you visit the site or send information to Google Analytics, provided it is not a direct check.
_umtv Third party cookie 
with the session
This cookie, which is optional, only used when custom variables are used, for example to target demographics such as gender or age of visitors obtained from the log data. It is a persistent cookie utma like.
PREF Third party cookie  2 or 10 years This cookie is installed and serviced by Youtube. It can be set for when a user accesses the site and click the button "Share" on Youtube embedded video. This cookie is used to store preferences Youtube related activity to see embedded videos. These cookies do not collect information that identifies the user. You can find more information about privacy in Youtube:
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Third party cookie  9 months Estimated bandwidth and the use of cookie _hitbox counteracts the increase in video views on Youtube. You can find more information about privacy in
use_hitbox Third party cookie  9 months This cookie uses YouTube to save user preferences when you visit pages that contain videos.
YSC Third party cookie 
with the session
Contains a unique identifier to allow control of visits to YouTube videos.
NID, SNID y Khcookie Third party cookie  6 months These cookies are used by Google to store user preferences and information when viewing pages with Google maps on them.
guest_id Third party cookie 
with the session
Twitter is used to collect information from the news on Twitter.