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A fresh approach to Real Estate

Spectacular new built modern house in Port Adriano

REF: 2633

Modern timeless architecture with quality materials are the main features of this design villa with unbeatable views to the sea and the Port Adriano. A very open plan light-filled living area, the best materials and the latest technology round off this dream house.

720 m2

1.150 m2




One of the finest estates available for purchase on this earth

REF: 6038

Dive into design. Swim in light. Float in colour. Intoxicated by your senses. A liveable sculpture."Here the world becomes a dream”, since this is a vision that has reached its zenith. Born from an idea, developed with the greatest of skill. Chameleon is the pinnacle of quality: reduction to the essentials, clear forms, straight lines, unadorned elegance, timeless purism. Its architectural highlights are magnified by its unparalled location, high over the Metropole of Palma, in the lofty heights of the hills of Son Vida.Nestled amongst rich greenery, constructed with valuable natural materials, in harmony with the elements, distinctive inside and out, at first glance puristic, a closer look revealing the utmost in high tech. 

2.496 m2

6.500 m2




Spectacular new built luxury villa in Puerto Andratx

REF: 41164

New Villa with guest house in a prominent location of Puerto Andratx. 1,500 sqm constructed area with main and guest house on a 3,000 sqm plot. A total of 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and 2 guest toilets, best choice of materials and state-of-the-art technology and design. 

1.500 m2

3.000 m2




There is a different way of buying a house

  • We search for the property that suits your needs
  • We advise you, before the purchase, on its reform or construction
  • We help you on your integration in the island
  • We are consultants not a shop of houses

Trust and professionalism

  • 10 years of experience in the residential real estate market in Mallorca
  • We count with a team of architects, lawyers, banks, engineers and interior designers who can advise you throughout the process

Daniel Arenas Oe  |  Gloria Rodríguez Martín founding partners

We work all over the island in the private jets terminal

What do our clients say about us?

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