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Our magazine,

A publication that provides the vision of the island and the real estate market divided by area and type of property.

You will find investment suggestions, trends, recommended entertainment and gastronomic non- sponsored experiences, all laid out in a comfortable format, iPad size, which is easily transportable and will blend in with your home. 

Don´t miss out the release of the latest edition!

MallorcaSite corporate magazine 2017 launch from Mallorca Site, S.L. on Vimeo.

On the night of the 30th of April 2017, feathers, fringes, sequins and fur stoles coloured the city of Palma in sepia color, showcasing a 20’s years evening without comparison on the 3rd Edition Magazine of

Sophisticated dresses, costumes, vests, hats and mustaches of the time were the dresscode of a movie night on a film set at the newly inaugurated  ‘ "La Parada" restaurant, in Plaza España.

The guests were called in at 8:30pm for the launch of the 3rd Edition of the corporate magazine of at the vicinity of ‘La Parada’.
There they lived the New York Dry Law of the 1920s where they were surprised with cocktails wrapped in newspapers, hiding the alcohol like on the Prohibition era.

"A policeman" scattered the area at 9pm with a gun shot that gave entrance to a private party in the finest  The Great Gatsby Style.

Giant globes and elegant balloon curtains in golden colours adorned the room, along with feathers, pearl necklaces and hats. 

The band  ‘“Long Time no Swing”’ gave the first note, giving place to the exquisite dinner designed by ‘La Parada’.

Exclusive, stylish finger-food with a glamorous winks as well as corporate ones.
Themed tables decorated with phrases from gangsters unveiled the menu.
‘Don Ostra’, the surprise effect, opened ‘Oysters Fine Claire’ on the spot suggesting accompaniment of sauces as he strolled among the guests.

The cocktails and DJ swing gave way to a new phase of the party, rising it’s pace to give entrance to the stellar performance of the gifted actor and singer Paco Colombas, this time in his version of DJ.

In short, a night full of glamor, smiles, music, light and fun.

The team.

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