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Golf Son Gual

The field extends at two turns: the first nine holes are spread along the boundaries of the property, while the next nine holes are located inside the infield, the countryside, surrounded by large lakes and streams , which once were projected sources of irrigation and attractive elements of landscape architecture and now also serve as visual barriers. Four streets, 7, 14, 15 and 18, are already considered stand out holes. All golf radiates a combination of generosity and calm. The greens are large, with attractive Approaches and run-off areas well cut, created for an ongoing challenge that requires all the skills of the short game. The 66 bunker equally striking, they have been integrated with perfect majesty in the streets, forming real obstacles. The first thing that impresses the players and the first street is the exceptional size of the tees. Tees, care to the highest standard, on average have an area of 900 square meters. In comparison to other golf courses, they are larger than the putting greens of the odd golf course. Son Gual is a field for the most accomplished and intelligent players who accept the challenge of the course. Less experienced players will be content with its bright strokes made and enjoy the beauty of the countryside. However, more than one player will suffer, because the field will show you where your limitations are. Depending on the choice of t-box, end the game or cheering the player or giving a lesson in humility. From the standpoint of golf, Son Gual is a field in which the qualities have hit more than "just" mechanical skills away, testing the virtuosity and versatility of each player. Players who directly attack the flag not always be rewarded with victory. More information http://www.son-gual.com

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Plot with approved building license in Son Gual

REF. 6657 | Son Gual

2.010 m2
475.000 €

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