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Information of interest

Buying a property in Mallorca is a sound investment.

The number of foreign owners in the island has been increasing every year making Mallorca economically independent from Spain and dependent from the strong Central and northern European economies.

The fact of being an island, with a limited land, having part of it as a Unesco World Heritage together with the strong local regulations on limiting construction for keeping the beauty of the island guaranties a safe investment.

Buying either a first home or a holiday home is one of the biggest investments one faces, so getting some advice throughout the process is crucial.

If we add to this fact that the purchase takes place in a foreign country with a different culture and language from those of your home country, this advice is even more necessary.

Let our team guide you, as they are all multilingual and multidisciplinary professionals with extensive knowledge of the market and what Mallorca offers. This will make the purchasing process an enjoyable and safe experience.

Here is a guide containing information that may be of your interest.

Taxes for sellers
Taxes for buyers
Energy Certificate
Georreferenced Certificates