International colleges in Mallorca

Mallorca is the perfect destination to combine family and work

Due to the new technologies the island has experienced a new group of foreigners looking to relocate with their families. 

Being able to work from home and attend meeting all over Europe thanks to the prefect flight connections makes Mallorca the desirable place to combine family and work.

The international atmosphere is also seen in the increasing number of international schools.  

There are 8 international schools in Mallorca apart from local schools -both private and state-, all of them enjoying an excellent reputation.

Education means providing your child with the best possible start in life means ensuring access to a good quality schooling that best fits his or her needs. If finding this in your native country can be a challenge, it’s surprising that many parents see enrolling their child in the education system in another country as a major obstacle to relocation. For those moving to Mallorca there are a lot of options available.

Parents who relocate with their children have different choices: enrol the child in a boarding school in its country of birth, choose a school in the host country where the child will follow the local curriculum or find an international school where the child will be educated in the system of another country. Here in Mallorca there are international schools that follow the British, French, German and Scandinavian systems.

Local state-run schools

Local state-run schools vary in quality, often depending on the location and there are several factors to consider before opting – or not opting – to enrol your child in one. Obvious advantages include that your child will learn Spanish rapidly and will become integrated in to Spanish life quickly and these schools are free – parents do not have to pay fees or uniform costs, although pupils at Spanish schools are expected to buy their own textbooks and this can prove quite costly at the start of each school year.  However, many parents consider the language issue to be non-negotiable as state-run schools on the island teach the major part of their curriculum in Mallorquin, not Castellano. 

Spanish private schools

Spanish private schools offer the same courses as state schools, whereas international schools follow the curriculum of their own country and will offer exams such as IGCSE, A Level or International Baccalaureate.

Planning visit the local Town Hall to make initial enquiries as early as posible if you have chosen to enrol your child in the Spanish system, the process can take up to six months. You will need to have your child’s previous studies assessed and agreed by the Department of, so make sure you have a copy of his/her school records and any examination certificates. You will also need the child’s immunisation record, birth certificate and proof of residence in the form of a certificado de empadronimiento.

  • Colegio Privado San Cayetano  Av. Picasso Nr. 21, 07014 Palma Tel. (+34) 971 22 05 75
  • Centro Escolar Luis Vives S. A.  C/San Juan de la Salle Nr. 5 C/Can Domenge Nr. 1 Tel. (+34) 971 22 05 75
  • La Salle Camí Son Rapinya Nr. 29 Palma Tel: (+34) 971 60 63 97
  • Palma College Carrer Can Veri Nr. 5 07001 Palma Tel. (+34) 971 72 40 83

International schools

International schools have different admission policies, so you will need to contact each school individually. Several of the schools on the island have long waiting lists, especially for their primary classes, so the sooner you begin to make enquiries, the better. You should expect to provide a copy of your child’s school records as well as a reference from his/ her previous headteacher and several schools also set entrance exams in the core subjects in order to assess which class would be most suitable for the child. Finally, you have to pay a deposit and enrolment fee.

If you’ve chosen a state education, then your options will be narrowed down for you by the Town Hall- your child will almost certainly be given a place at the school nearest to your home. There is a good selection of international schools in and around Palma and visiting as many as possible will help you to assess which would best suit your child. It can be useful to see which regulatory bodies each school is registered with in the case of international schools and to ask in the Town Hall if there is any information available on recent Department of Education inspections if you are considering the Spanish system. You can also ask for recommendations from the Embassy of your country of origin.

International schools should be registered with the Spanish Department of Education and, if they offer courses in Spanish, will be inspected regularly. Schools could be members of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) and British schools are regulated by NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain). All international schools should be registered with and approved by the Department of Education in the country of their language of instruction and should be inspected at regular intervals.

Novedades en International colleges in Mallorca

Cala Vinyas REF. 1656

Plot with project and license in Cala Viñas

1.460 m2
790.000 €

Cala Vinyas REF. 1655

Plot with sea views and licensed project in Cala Vinyas

1.570 m2
850.000 €
 en Santa Ponsa - 50624


Santa Ponsa REF. 50624

Contemporary Villa with some sea views in Santa Ponsa

450 m2
1.350 m2
3.750.000 €
 en Cas Catalá - 2031


Cas Catalá REF. 2031

Spectacular new built villa in Cas Catala

520 m2
1.250 m2
7.900.000 €

Manacor REF. 7621

Plot to build a house in Manacor

56.895 m2
255.000 €

Manacor REF. 7619

Plot to build a house with panoramic sea views in Manacor

134.492 m2
675.000 €

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