Castillo de Alaró

Castle of Alaro. The silhouettes almost symmetrical Puig d’Alaro of 822 meters and the Puig de S’Alcadena of 816, facing each other, are the most characteristic image of the town of Alaro and one of the most unique Mallorca. Alaro Castle, located on the top of the mountain of the same name, is an ancient fort in existence since the Muslim era. Puig d’Alaro, unique viewpoint of the county of Es Pla, the bays of Palma and Alcúdia and the Serra de Tramuntana, also home from the seventeenth century, the Shrine of the Virgin of the shelter and a guesthouse


To access the mountain must come to the town of Alaro, and towards the village of Orient, take the road leading to the possession of Es Verger, where there is a restaurant and an area designated as the parking of vehicles. At this point you start the hike to the Esplanade is small Pouet the old road where it begins, largely paved, the only way to get to the gates of the impregnable castle. The history of the Castle of Alaro is closely linked to the legendary epic starring Guillem Cabrit and Guillem Bassa, characters that were burned in the thirteenth century, after fiercely defending the fort, to remain loyal to James II of Mallorca and oppose the occupation of the island by Alfonso II of Catalonia and Aragon.

Novedades en Castillo de Alaró

Alaró REF. 10110

Historic manor house with traditional tafona in Alaró

900 m2
7.064 m2
5.000.000 €
 en Alaró - 10111


Alaró REF. 10111

New construction townhouses in Alaró

161 m2
161 m2
695.000 €

Alaró REF. 10101

Fantastic villa with panoramic views in Alaró

526 m2
50.419 m2
5.800.000 €

Alaró REF. 10103

Ideal finca to be reconverted in agrotourism in Alaró

2.070 m2
28.000 m2
3.400.000 €

Alaró REF. 1099

House for renovation on top of Alaro

188 m2
1.260 m2
350.000 €

Alaró REF. 1097

Renovated town house in Alaro

300 m2
60 m2
495.000 €