TV Corporate channel

There is a different way to buy a house!

Enjoy the customer experience through our corporate video and verify that there is a different way to buy a house in Mallorca.

You will see professionalism, freshness, efficiency and sympathy. Sensations and experiences that combine with the environment, offices and properties.

"A fun, fresh and very professional experience with a luxury team".

We thank the owners who agreed to show the exclusivity of the finishes, which demonstrate the excellence in quality and design of our portfolio properties.

Thanks also to the owner of the closure of the video for its excellent location on the seafront.

Likewise, we thank the Hotel Meliá de Mar for its kindness in the preparation of an exclusive dinner in the private area of ​​its cove and access to a suite with sea views for the styling and makeup phase.

Finally, we would like to offer a very special thank you to our friends at Palma Refit for their stellar role as our clients. Palma Refit is a solid and reliable company which offers reconditioning management services for yachts, with customized service for yacht managers, captains and representatives of boat owners.

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