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Why Co Owning?

Why Co Owning?

Have you ever dreamt of owning a stunning property in Mallorca, but the ever increasing property prices have made it impossible?

At Mallorcasite we have the perfect solution to make your dream come true, thanks to a unique shared ownership scheme, which allows you to co-own a share of a freehold luxury house, for a fraction of the price.

At Mallorcasite we operate a very transparent and well-managed Co-Ownership scheme, taking care of you throughout the process from explaining how the scheme works, to the purchase and subsequent management of the property.

Some of the key advantages of this scheme are:

The property is your property and you have flexibility of use, thanks to an app designed for the house.
Everything is taken care of from housekeeping, repairs, or unforeseen events

Any property in our portfolio can be acquired with this modality

How many weeks would you use it? Here you have the different possibilities for you to check which option suits you best.

1 share= ⅛ ownership= 45 nights per year.
2 shares = 1/4 ownership= 90 nights per year.
3 shares = ⅜ ownership= 135 nights per year.
4 shares =   1/2 ownership= 180 nights per year.