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Carol Bramley - UK

They were very patient with me!

As I decided to live abroad, I always thought it would be in the Algarve in Portugal. But my brother wanted to choose a place to combine the studies of his son in an international school with Golf facilities close. So we chose Mallorca.

We spent a lot of time getting to know Mallorca by analyzing the offer and I fell in love with this island and the diversity of things you can do.

Beaches, mountains, charming villages and the city of Palma that offers many activities to do and see even in winter. Theater, ballet, and various entertainments. For all this I chose Mallorca.

I have lived in Mallorca for over 5 years and I love my life here.

I go to the gym 10 minutes from home, I'm going to dance in a group where I practice Latin dance and ballroom dancing. I'm really happy with my social life. I have a dog that I take out to walk through different routes to walk and explore new areas. I feel very safe walking in places I do not know. I have been going to Spanish classes since I moved here and I can talk to the people on the street since the language helps to better integrate.

My brother recommended MallorcaSite.com since Daniel and Gloria helped him find his home in Mallorca. For a couple of years they guided me to visiting different types of properties and areas of the island from the South West to the center until I finally discovered where I would like to live. I found a house that I liked but needed reform and they introduced me to construction companies and installers to get me to the idea of costs. Finally the house was adequate.

They were very patient with me! I chose Santa Ponsa and Gloria helped me organize everything I needed to buy for my new home. I was all ready before I arrived so I could move in immediately to my house!

The reasons why I chose Santa Ponsa were several, its wonderful beach, its stores open every day and the great English community that lives here that makes everything much easier. It is very quiet in winter but I do not care, that allows me to walk my dog on the beach :)

 Mallorca has many types of properties. It was difficult to choose where and what I wanted so I had to see many places and many types of houses. This helped me decide what I really needed. The prices are in turn very different so it is important to study the alternatives well and see which one fits the best.

I could never have had a new life in Mallorca in such an easy way if it had not been for the help of Daniel and Gloria, in fact they still do it on occasion.