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Eva Juhlin-Dannfelt - Suecia

And then we arrived to Alaró

"We finally made the big change in our lives and we moved to Mallorca"

My name is Eva Juhlin-Dannfelt. My husband Pelle and I moved to this wonderful island 10 months ago and we both agree that it has been the best thing we have done in many years.

We are both freelance writers. The first time we visited Mallorca was in May 2013, when we were commissioned an article about the luxurious Hotel la Residencia in Deia. During our visit to the Hotel we fell madly in love with the mountains.

One morning Pelle opened the large windows, went out to the patio and said "I can really imagine us living here!"

We decided to move to Mallorca, but would there be a perfect place to call home?

"The professionals of Mallorcasite.com, Gloria and Daniel, were our guides in the real estate jungle of the island"

The services of MallorcaSite.com were recommended to us. Gloria and Daniel proved to be the perfect guides. We were clear where our place was, so they showed us different parts of the island, sea, mountains, residential area or integration in a small town? Finally we decided that a mountain village where we could integrate with the local inhabitants was the best.

Once established the location, MallorcaSite.com focused on properties that met our requirements and fit into our price range. It turned out to be a fun process. Not only did they find us the house of our dreams, but we also became friends!

I would highly recommend the professional service as mediating agents of the MallorcaSite.com team for anyone who wants to move to Mallorca as Pelle and me.