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Florian Geiger - Austria

Buying a holiday house in Mallorca has been a dream ever since coming to island for family holidays during the off seasons. We then started looking a bit more seriously mostly by looking at properties in the internet and by talking to the usual agents and also doing viewings on site.

Gloria and Daniel spotted the perfect house for us pretty quickly. They understood what we were looking for and had great recommendations all along. Already at the first viewing it was clear that their approach is a very different one. It was their intimate understanding of not only all matters of importance for a real estate buy but more generally of everything in and around Mallorca that made them the perfect partner for this venture in a near but also quite different country. We are sure that without their valuable insights as well as good advise we would not own a house in Mallorca. The road to making the final decision to actually buy was also not an easy one for us and involved quite a few obstacles which Daniel helped us to navigate really well. 

They helped us not only with all matters leading up to signing the contract but continue to be around with help even after the purchase. This makes working with them very special and shows their really sincere interest in making sure that the property is the right one and that the decision is a good one. 

Best of all, Gloria and Daniel are also really nice people and always very good to talk to. 

We would recommend everyone to not even speak to anybody else but Mallorca Site!