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Monica Fulton - USA

I couldn't speak more highly of them

As a family we were looking for a holiday home we could escape to during the half-term holidays. After spending several minibreaks in the South of France my husband was convinced that we were going to buy an old chateaux midst the vineyards and fix it up. One of my dearest friends (thankfully!) had a different idea. She had purchased in Palma de Mallorca and wanted us to go for a weekend.

A tour all set up…we saw the historical side of Palma, the fantastic restaurants, the different ports and even got to see some calas.

We fell in love the city and all the variety it had to offer (not only for grown ups but for children). Palma truly has it all. Breathtaking views…crystalline azure water….the mountains…the city…all at your fingertips.

And the complex we visited was just so incredibly charming and beautifully maintained. With the requisite stunning views and a pool that the children wouldn’t want to get out of.

So the next step was being introduced to a realtor. My friend did tell us one thing about the realty team she was going to introduce us to…they won’t just sell you a house….you will become friends.

We first met Dani who took us on a very well planned tour of apt. and villas. He even took us to his house where we got to meet Gloria and their children. Once we found the perfect spot (it didn’t take us long at all..only 2 days….because we found an apt. in the same complex as my friend) we began negotiations.

Danny and Gloria were instrumental in organizing the sale/purchase given the fact that both parties were not in Spain. And we got the apt. that we wanted.

I don’t want to bore you with all the nitty gritty…but Gloria and Dani were so conscientious and helpful with an amazingly positive can do attitude.

A year on whenever I get stuck with something I know that I can just pick up the phone or shoot Gloria an email. Not a lot of realtors are going to take the time and trouble to send follow up e-mails a year on.

I couldn’t speak more highly of them.

And as for being friends….it’s wonderful to visit Palma and have the opportunity to get the families together and get to hang out with Gloria and Dani.