Our first Chinese client testimonial: why Mallorca?

她非常喜欢这个美丽的地方,Mallorca。她现在已经退休了。希望之后在这里的生活可以很精彩。在这里有壮阔的大海,清新优质的空气,和所有美好的事物。住在 Mallorca 是一件令人极其幸福的事情。此外,从 Mallorca 到德国有很多航班,去看望儿子非常方便,可以和他常见面。她喜欢这个地方。她对 mallorcasite.com 这个房产中介非常满意,给她提供非常多的帮助!她强烈推荐这个中介给其他想买房的人!

Mallorcasite.com sold a property to its first Chinese client. We wonder why Mallorca has an interest for a Chinese and she explains that Mallorca is a wonderful place to live.
Mrs Qiang loves this beautiful place, Mallorca.
She is already retired and wishes she could have a wonderful life here.
The sea here is extremely magnificent and the air is always fresh. What’s more, all the things here are so charming. She believes that life in Mallorca shall be very happy.
There are many flights to Germany, therefore it is easy to visit her son in Germany from Mallorca, and she can be with him frequently. In conclusion, she does love Mallorca. She is very satisfied with the service of the company mallorcasite.com. They have helped her a lot. She strongly recommends it to other people wanting to buy house.

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